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Made with Australian honey, LUSH's detox mask will cleanse your pores!

The other day, I was having lunch with a younger girl I met here.

"Madoka-san, you're researching Australian cosmetics, right?"

"I go to a lot of places, from drug stores to MECCA and SEPHORA."

"Have you been to LUSH in Melbourne Central? It seems they sell Australian cosmetics there too."

This was a blind spot.

LUSH is a handmade cosmetics brand born in the UK, so this was completely unexpected. However, as she said, it is locally produced cosmetics. In fact, I once participated in an event held by LUSH in Gunma Prefecture, where I experienced making shampoo and soap using handmade tofu (the vegan protein cream shampoo is still on sale in Japan).

After I parted ways with her, I headed straight to LUSH. I asked the sales associate, "Do you have any items that use ingredients from Australia?" and she replied with a big smile, "I recommend the masks, soaps, and shampoos that use honey from Victoria."

I had just run out of masks, so I bought MASK OF MAGNAMINTY SELF-PRESERVING.

Lush scrub
The label tells you who made it, where, and when. This is the same in Japan.

This rinse type has a strong detoxifying effect and removes excess sebum and dirt from pores. When you open the lid, you'll be greeted by a fresh, refreshing scent. It contains more than 25% Australian honey, kaolin, and bentonite, and the granular texture is made from crushed adzuki beans and evening primrose seeds. I realized that LUSH's manufacturing methods are the same no matter the country.

Lush Mask
Looking at the list of ingredients, the first one is Australian honey.

I chilled it in the fridge before using it because I wanted it to relax my skin even more.

Since it contains no preservatives, I scooped it out with a spoon instead of using my hands to avoid introducing bacteria.

It has a slightly hard texture and feels like a clay scrub. I left it on my skin for 10 minutes. When I washed it off, I rolled the seeds around to gently remove the dead skin cells.

Lush scrub
You can see the grains just by looking at them. Massage gently, as if rolling the skin.

Just one use and you'll feel refreshed!

The roughness around my nose, chin, and between my eyebrows has disappeared. The greasiness in my T-zone has also been reduced, and I am very satisfied with the detox effect, which exceeded my expectations.

I would like to make it a habit to cleanse my skin once a week.


【About BRAND】

Founded in the UK in 1995 by six co-founders. They create all of their products from scratch, carefully sourcing each ingredient and producing them by hand in local factories around the world. They actively engage in social contribution activities, including donation programs through campaigns, and their mission is to "create a cosmetics revolution that can save the planet."

【Where do you buy? 】

LUSH Cosmetics Melbourne Central

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